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Advertising, marketing, promotion campaigns

Related to advertising law and marketing law, our attorneys provide counseling for every type of legal issue imaginable. Our work includes assisting with advertising claim substantiation, drafting and negotiating agreements, helping clear and launch branded e-commerce, handling issues relating to marketing, advertising, sales and call centers, telemarketing, direct mail distribution, permission-based electronic mail marketing, and promotional marketing services.

Also, we are available for regulated industries with premium legal services. Our attorneys are well-versed on a variety of complex legal issues that arise in these areas, including regulatory laws and regulations, the GDPR, copyright, trademark and business secrets.

Online advertising

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European Union

Our law firm provides legal support in the EU for all kinds of online product launches and marketing campaigns. We have experience with international and local marketplaces, social media.

Some of our related advertising law services

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Promotions Review & Regulatory Requirements

Compliance with laws and regulatory requirements

In-house training on promotional strategies

Advertising Review & Claims Substantiation

Compliance with applicable laws, self-regulating organizations and best practices

Product and service claims substantiation

Training for in-house legal, marketing and product development teams

Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs

Conditions, expiration, termination

Related taxation issues

Agency & Media Agreements

Advertising, promotions, public relations, event marketing agency agreements for projects

Media agency and technology agreements, including media buying, planning and placement; advertising services; targeted advertising; and cloud-based platforms

Agreements in connection with marketing and e-commerce

Sponsorship & Celebrity

Advertiser-developed entertainment programs

Sponsorships with sports, music, television and film opportunities

Celebrity endorsement agreements

Advertising Law Disputes

Unfair competition litigation involving allegations of misleading and deceptive advertising

Amazon complaints

Consumer class actions

Representation before self-regulatory bodies

Disputes involving copyright and trademark issues in advertising

Advertising Law – Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Is sponsorship allowed in Hungary?

Displaying the name, logo, product, or service of the sponsor of a public event is not considered disguised advertising provided that the media service provider has no business interest in such appearance and the manner of appearance does not give undue prominence to the sponsor.

Do games of chance need to be authorized in Hungary?

On the basis of the Gambling Act, no authorization is necessary to advertise games of chance. However, if a promotional contest is linked to the purchase of goods or services, the state tax authority – as supervising authority – must be notified at least ten days in advance.

When is notification not required in Hungary for promotions / games?

Notification is not needed for promotions not involving any purchase (e.g. only the filling out of a questionnaire). The participation must be free, because if the customer has to pay anything other than the value of the goods purchased to enter the contest of chance, it will qualify as gambling, and as such, must be authorized by the tax authority.

Does gambling need an authorization in Hungary?

Yes, it must be authorized by the tax authority.