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Our IP Law Firm specializes in European intellectual property, data protection, IT law, advertising and media law


The award-winning law offices of Ákos Süle are based in Budapest, Hungary and in Berlin, Germany

Intellectual Property

We cover a wide aspect of IP in the European Union, including IP portfolio management, trademarks and patent litigation. Our IP law firm and contracted patent attorneys can cover work in Europe.  

Data Protection

We constantly follow the new data privacy cases in Hungary, Germany and in the EU. For this reason we focus on the decisions and information from Data Protection Authorities, courts and we follow the relevant legislature.  

Advertising Law

Media, internet and advertising laws are very complex fields in Hungary and in Germany. In conclusion, they are not only complex but highly versatile, as per the industry of the client. With this in mind, there is normally checklists to follow when we solve a media law or internet law case.

Süle is an award-winning IP law firm recognized by international media (see our awards section). Our advice is recognized as proactive and extremely responsive.  At the core values of Süle Law Firm are our international approach and our entrepreneurial spirit. Moreover, we have a strong focus on understanding our clients’ intentions to be able to become their powerful advocate.  We aim to deliver comprehensive legal services tailored to the needs of your business in a cost-efficient manner. Still, bound by continuous innovation, we strive to practice law in a cutting-edge way. Surely, our European lawyers and European trademark attorneys are recognized professionals. Besides being an IP law firm in Budapest, Hungary, we also have an office in Berlin, Germany. Hence, we are truly international lawyers happy to represent you at Hungarian, German and European Union courts and authorities.

IP Protection

We help to find the right intellectual property registration for you and your business. You can take advantage of the IP law firm ‘s international approach to find the most important countries to file. 

Personal Advice

The law firm does their best to provide you with personalized legal advice that suits your needs and budget. Some clients seek top quality, others look for the best prices and legal fees. 

Legal Help

Besides our day to day business, we offer pro bono services to selected clients who are in need of legal services, free of charge. Our law firm was part of a program for IP pro bono legal services.

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