Commercial Law and M&A

Our focus on business law

In the commercial law arena, our attorneys are second to none in securing your goals with legal solutions. We have been at the forefront in assisting clients in connection with a variety of legal issues from the first business talks through drafting heads of terms until the execution of the final agreements. Süle Law Firm has developed an innovative commercial and trade law practice focusing on client needs when creating and reviewing contract terms or when giving contract law advice. 

We support our clients on the day-to-day issues that businesses commonly confront – many of which demand a pragmatic approach. Our experience includes advising international franchisors on the requirements of franchise law.

Our main commercial law and M&A services

Commercial law

We guide established and startup clients through the business formation, contracts, content regulation and website management. Our law firm provides fast-paced legal solutions for several industries.

Dispute resolution, litigation

The firm’s primary aim is to help clients to avoid litigation wherever possible. When litigation is unavoidable, Süle Law Firm focuses on the commercial objectives of clients, while assessing legal, financial and reputation risks.

Our firm gained thorough experience and knowledge in Hungarian and cross-border litigation. We offer a broad range of litigation services for domestic and international businesses in various areas of the industry. Our firm acts as legal counsel in civil matters involving breaches of contract, indemnification for damages, pecuniary claims, copyright, patent, trademark infringement issues in litigation proceedings and acknowledgment and enforcement of European judicial decision. Our approach is a client-conscious approach and when we litigate we undertake to develop a deep understanding of our client’s business and business goals as well as business problems in the aim of settling the dispute in the most effective and convenient way. Our firm is well versed in complex cases with multiple claims and parties and also in enforcement issues and debt collection.

Mergers & Acqisitions

This is probably the biggest legal area where everything fits in that has to do with a company. We do business law and provide legal services for companies, including company registration and company amendments, drafting the necessary deeds for simple and complex business transactions.

Commercial law includes corporate law,
competition law (antitrust), consumer protection, contract law, international trade law

Commercial Law – M&A – Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is M&A?

M&A stands for mergers and acquisitions. Mergers occur when two companies join together. Acquisitions occur when one company buys another company. Sometimes the purchase is friendly and sometimes it is hostile – sometimes it is buying the competition, sometimes just opening a new business branch.