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Focus of an IT law firm

Our IT law firm  assists leading national and international companies. Whether suppliers or users, all companies today have to deal with IT. We support you in negotiating your contracts with your business partners, suppliers and customers. Our specialists offer creative and practical solutions for these issues to internet companies, financial institutions, IT suppliers and buyers, telecom companies and innovative tech companies. 

Our IT legal team assesses whether clients are compliant with the relevant laws and regulations. This includes drafting and legal advice in all types of IT contracts in a full range of areas, such as licensing, distribution, development, maintenance, outsourcing and e-commerce. Our IT lawyers are focused on preventing litigation.

Our main IT law services

Reviewing and drafting IT agreements, licensing and transactions

We can guide you through technology agreements ranging from start-ups, to technology transfer offices, to multinational corporations.


We guide startup clients through the basics of business formation, financing, content regulation and website management.

Our IT law firm provides legal solutions involving multi jurisdiction product offerings and domain name disputes.

Dispute resolution in the IT sector

Our litigation attorneys have a well-deserved reputation for business-centric and customer-centric approaches to litigation. Our clients’ goals determine our strategy, regardless of whether it is an immediate injunction, timely resolution of a business dispute, ADR, private arbitration, or winning a civil court litigation or appeal.

Regulatory steps for IT service providers

Depending on your business, a notification or registration of your services is required by the supervisory authorities. In some cases it is also required to file Terms & Conditions that fulfil regulatory laws.

IT law is the law of information technology, including computing and the internet

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Photo by the Public Health Image Library from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC
“This historic 1980’s photograph, taken within what was a National Communicable Disease Center (NCDC), Influenza Testing Laboratory, depicted Penny Gentry, a laboratorian, entering data into an influenza-specific database, while seated at a computer workstation. The NCDC (1967-1970) was one of the forerunners of the more contemporary Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which was officially named in 1992”

IT Law – Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is Information Technology Law?

IT law (information technology law) provides the legal framework for collecting, using, storing and distributing electronic information in worldwide. IT lawyers in this area represent individuals and companies practically from all industries. They help structure information technology transactions to maximize customer profit while ensuring regulatory compliance. There is also a major focus on anticipating potential sources of dispute between the parties to a transaction and reaching agreements that address these concerns and thus reduce the risk of litigation.
When information technology disputes arise that cannot be resolved outside the court system, an attorney specializing in IT Law can prove to be a powerful advocate compared to a general attorney. Information technology / IT law firms typically hire attorneys with hands-on experience in the industry before entering the legal profession. With this in mind, an attorney will be able to explain technical concepts to a judge more effectively.

Is online legal advice possible?

Yes, online legal advice is suitable for forming a valid legal opinion in all respects. Taking advantage of the possibilities provided by technology, customer identification and checking of documents can also be performed online. An online lawyer is an option available in most cases.