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As lawyers in Hungary offer a wide range of legal services from our Budapest office – all services that you can find on this website.

Our Budapest office was opened by Mr. Ákos Süle, a Hungarian lawyer in 2011 with the same focus as today. Over the years we have maintained our core specializations in intellectual property (IP), data privacy and information technology and we offer premium legal services in all areas of trademark, media, internet and data protections laws. This branch of Süle is a Hungarian law firm or law office in Hungary and is active in the jurisdiction of Hungary and of the European Union (EU).

Our team of lawyers in Hungary is carefully selected and consists of recognized professionals who – prior to joining Süle Law Firm in Hungary – have already gained valuable experience at leading domestic and international law firms.

Having advised Fortune 500 companies, our team has developed and maintains a client focused business approach when we provide legal advice to businesses and undertake general and complex legal transactions and disputes in Hungary and in the European Community.

Game-changing advocacy and legal services in Hungary

We are dedicated to building a deep understanding of our clients, their businesses and their industries. Our Hungarian lawyers fight for a favorable result by providing expert legal services in Hungary that allow our clients to get back to their lives and their businesses as quickly as possible. When we advise, we consider ourselves to be partners with our clients. We take to heart their need to do business effectively and to best use the laws that apply to their companies to protect and advance their competitive positions.

Hungarian IP law firm vs. patent attorney in Hungary, what is the difference?

A patent attorney is someone who has a chemistry, engineering, etc. background, understands technical inventions. Patent attorneys also have a long qualification to master the art of patent claims and procedures. As a result patent attorneys possess a specialized legal skill. Some of them stick to patent filing, some of them obtain a legal qualification additionally. Since patent attorneys normally do not have a legal qualification in civil claims, they usually team up with an IP lawyer. For it comes to patent infringements. To clarify, in the intellectual property law field our services are limited. We work with clients on trademark, design patents, utility models. However, we do not file Hungarian patents, as we lack in-house patent attorneys. However, we cooperate with off-counsel patent attorneys in litigation cases, since it is a good combination of technical and procedural skills. For these reasons we consider ourselves to be a niche Hungarian IP law firm.

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Our location in Hungary

Our office – pictured above – is on the 4th Floor, Horvát utca 14-24, 1027 Budapest, Hungary, in the Central Business Center. This is on the Buda side of Budapest, close to the city center and in imminent vicinity to courts including the Court of Appeal of Budapest “Fővárosi Ítélőtábla”, the Administrative and Labour Court of Budapest “Fővárosi Közigazgatási és Munkaügyi Bíróság Budapest” and the Budapest Regional Court, Business Section “Fővárosi Törvényszék Gazdasági Kollégiuma”.

About the fish

The logo depicts a live fish and is actually dedicated to the love of fish which means to us freedom, cleanness and simplicity.  Our logo is not related to any belief or religion and it is copyright protected. The idea of the logo comes from Ákos Süle who loves fish and fish-related works of art. A long time ago Ákos’s grandfather used to go fishing to the Lake Balaton regularly, so this may be in the family. As a consequence the fish found its way to our law firm as well. It is a talking point with clients; some love it, some are more quizzical. However most of all it has brought a little bit of fun into our weekdays and let’s not forget that some fishes swim against the current. Of course sometimes it is better to go with the flow. We always consider both options professionally.

Memberships of our lawyers in Hungary

The Hungarian branch of Süle Law Firm is a member of several local IP associations, including the Hungarian Association for the Protection of Industrial Property and Copyright (MIE) and the Hungarian Trademark Association (MVE).

Who is dr. Ákos Süle, LL.M.?

Ákos was born in Budapest, Hungary and attended the five-year-long law school there. He later earned a specialized Master’s Degree in intellectual property, data protection and media law in Germany. He is a member of the Budapest and of the Berlin bar associations. He has founded this law firm to practice specialized areas of law in his own way: Ákos is a lawyer in Hungary and an attorney who will stand with you to help your business grow. Under his leadership, the Süle Law Firm handles an array of legal matters in Hungary, in the European Union and internationally.

Ákos ( LinkedIn profile ) is said to be a highly qualified and versatile lawyer who has gained almost a decade of experience as an IP/IT lawyer. He advises notable local and international companies and creative private individuals also in data privacy and internet (media) law issues. He has been involved with high profile litigation cases over the years and his thorough approach earned his clients’ trust.

Ákos speaks English, German and French as a foreign language; besides his native Hungarian.

Lawyer in Budapest, Hungary

Horvát utca 14-24.
Süle Ügyvédi Iroda - IP Law Firm,
1027 Budapest
Phone: +36 1-882-0303
Fax: +36 1-700-1877

Hungarian lawyer – FAQ

Where can I find the Budapest Bar?

The Budapest Bar is a regulation body of attorney in Budapest, Hungary. They are seated at Szalay u. 7, 1055 Budapest, Hungary. Phone: +36 (1) 353-0155, 353-0810 Fax: +36 (1) 332-1385

Are Hungarian lawyers allowed to identify me as a client without a personal meeting?

Yes, most of the legal services can be rendered online, using video meeting software. The video call must be recorded and kept by the Hungarian attorney. The client has to show his/her identification document, tilt it so holograms are visible and also repeat / say out loud the data recorded in his/her ID. Once the client has been identified, he / she can sign the documents during the video call and post it to the lawyer. Another option is to sign the documents, post them to the Hungarian lawyer and once the documents have been received, acknowledge via video call that the client has signed them.