EUIPO Top 25 – New rankings of Süle Law Firm in Hungary, Germany and in the EU


EUIPO TOP 25 Results for Germany, Hungary and the European Union

SÜLE LAW FIRM are proud to announce that we have been ranked amongst the top 25 trademark e-filers by the EUIPO. The EUIPO have released their figures for Q3 2020, and our firm has been included in their list of top filers across the EU with rank #7 with a cumulative

482 European trademark, EU design patent and EUIPO opposition filings between 1 October and 31 December 2020

For Hungary, we have kept our position as No. 1 for five consecutive years now, this time with 71 filings in Q3 2020. Rank #2 was achieved by SBGK UGYVEDI IRODA with 39 filings and rank #3 by KOCSIS ES SZENASSY UGYVEDI IRODA with 14 filings. See the complete list for Hungary below.

For Germany, we have reached the top three position for the first time. We have ranked No. 2 with 411 filings in Q3 2020. Only ZELLER & SEYFERT PARTG MBB managed to file more in this quarter and BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT ANWALTSPARTNERSCHAFT came in third. See the complete list for Germany below.

Every quarter, EUIPO publishes its ranking of its top 25 e-users. The ranking is classified both at EU and individual Member State level. The top 25 ranking includes users registered as representatives, comprising associations, lawyers, EUIPO professionals and employee representatives. Users are ranked by the volume of their electronic trademark, design and opposition filings.

We are delighted with these rankings. We are achieving our goal to establish our IP law firm in Germany and maintaining our position as the leading IP firm in Hungary and in the EU in general.

You can read the full list on the EUIPO website, here.