固定价格商标包 — 190欧元



1級:我們的服務費+ 190歐元的官方費用

2個課程:我們的服務費+ 255歐元官方費用

3個課程:我們的服務費+ 350歐元的官方費用

4個課程:我們的服務費+ 475歐元的官方費用

5個課程:我們的服務費+ 600歐元的官方費用



第一步: 把在欧盟要注册的词语或商标发给我们。请向给我们解释要在什么产品/服务上使用注册的词语或商标。如果可以,请详细注明在什么产品、服务注册词语或商标。

第二步: 我们通过邮件方式回复之后,请将欧元用信用卡或者银行转账汇给我们。

第三部: Ákos Süle律师将尽快为您在匈牙利国家知识产权局检查词语商标是否有冲突,并做好产品单次。Ákos Süle回答您关于注册商标的问题,并按照共同协议决定为欧盟知识产权局提交注册商标的案件。

第四步: 如果一切顺利,匈牙利国家知识产权局一般需要6-8个月的时间注册商标,并给您商标证书。我们会把证书免费寄给您(快递另外得交钱)。


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关于常见问题: 请查阅英文版

Why does Sule Law Firm stand out?

Your Hungarian trademark application will not be handled by a faceless homepage or company but by attorney Ákos Süle, LL.M. (Berlin) and his colleagues. Your case and data are not outsourced to any third party.

Who is handling my application?

Mr. Akos Sule, LL.M. (Berlin) is a licensed attorney at law from Budapest, Hungary – who has been regularly dealing with trademark registrations, infringements, oppositions and provisional refusals since 2004. His team is reliable and professional. Please feel free to connect with Akos if you have already met or corresponded: http://www.linkedin.com/in/akossule   During the entire Hungarian trademark registration process, you will work with him and his team as your trademark attorney (and not with a paralegal or an assistant).   Akos takes pride in his work, and enjoys helping clients build and grow their businesses. He cares deeply about the success of his clients and takes a personal interest in individuals and companies that he represents. He believes that his educational and working background add to his skills of understanding different clients’ needs and linguistic complexities.   If you assign your case to Sule Law Firm, you will receive professional and personalized service from an experienced trademark lawyer. Don’t wait to get the answers you need, send Akos an email or call now.

Where will my trademark be protected?

In Hungary. Future enlargements are not expected in the territorial scope.

Will my mark be automatically registered?

No. The Hungarian trademark system is unique and has some special features and particularities, although it is harmonized with EU legislation. Not all marks may be eligible to be protected as a trademark. It is therefore essential to consult an experienced trademark attorney before the trademark application.

Who can be the owner of a Hungarian Trademark?

Natural or legal persons who may have rights and duties, irrespective of nationality or place of business.

What documents do I need for the application for a Hungarian trademark?

You will be asked to send us a signed Power of Attorney.


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