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Flat Legal Fee+ Official Filing Fee:

1 class:     EUR 850 official fee plus our service fee

2 classes: EUR 900 official fee plus our service fee

3 classes: EUR 1050 official fee plus our service fee

4 classes: EUR 1200 official fee plus our service fee

5 classes: EUR 1350 official fee plus our service fee


STEP 1 Contact us with the word or logo you wish to register as a European trade mark (EU TM) in the European Union. Please also indicate the goods / services (products, business line) you wish to use the mark for if possible.

STEP 2 Upon receipt of our email confirmation, please pay our fixed fee by wire transfer.

STEP 3 Shortly, trademark attorney Ákos Süle, LL.M. (Berlin) and his team will complete a word trademark identity search in the EUIPO’s (the European trademark office) trademark database and will draft the trademark application and the list of goods and services. Attorney dr. Ákos Süle, LL.M. (Berlin) and his team will provide you with answer to any questions relating to your trademark application, finalize and file application.

STEP 4 The payment of the official filing fee (EUR 850 for one class, EUR 900 for two classes, EUR 1050 for three classes class of goods/services) will be due. This payment should be made directly to the EUIPO or can be paid via our firm. Now you may use the mark in the EU.

STEP 5 In case of a smooth application process, the European Union Intellectual Property Office will register the trademark within four-six months and will issue a Certificate of Registration (electronically) which will be forwarded to you, uniquely at no extra costs.



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Why does Sule Law Firm stand out?

Your European trademark application will not be handled by some faceless homepage or company but by our lead attorney on this area, dr. Ákos Süle, LL.M. and his team.

The above fixed fee is according to our knowledge, one of the best available fee and lowest rate for a European Trade Mark application.

Your case and data are not outsourced to any third party.

Who is handling my application?

Mr. Ákos Süle, LL.M. – a licensed attorney at law from the European Member State Hungary – who has been regularly dealing with European Trade Mark (formerly: Community Trade Mark) registrations, infringements, oppositions and provisional refusals since 2004 and his reliable and professional team. Please feel free to connect if you have already met or emailed with each other: http://www.linkedin.com/in/akossule

During the entire European trademark registration process, you will work directly with a trademark attorney (and not with a paralegal or an assistant).

Ákos takes pride in his work, and enjoys helping clients build and grow their businesses. He cares deeply about the success of his clients and takes a personal interest in individuals and companies that he represents. He believes that his multicultural educational and working background add to his skills of understanding different clients’ needs and linguistic complexities.

If you assign your case to Süle Law Firm, you will receive professional and personalized service from attorney Ákos Süle, LL.M. (Berlin), an experienced trademark lawyer. Your search and application will be handled by attorney Ákos and his team. Don’t wait to get the answers you need, send him an email or call now.

Where will my trademark be protected?

Registering a European Trade Mark (earlier known as the CTM from the words Community Trade Mark) gives you the right to use the mark exclusively in the European Union. The 28 Member States of the EU are the following: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

After any future enlargement of the European Union, any European Trademark registered or applied for will automatically extend to the new Member State. However, regarding earlier right in new Member States, we recommend consulting our law firm.

Will my mark be automatically registered?

No. The European trademark system is unique and has some special features and particularities. Not all marks may be eligible to be protected as a CTM. It is therefore essential to consult an experienced trademark attorney before the trademark application.

Who can be the owner of a European Trademark?

Any natural or legal person, irrespective of nationality or place of business, including authorities established under public law.

What documents do I need for the application for a European Trademark?

You will be asked to send us a signed Power of Attorney.

Why is the cost of European trademark registrations so low at Süle Law Firm?

Well, we wouldn’t use the word ’cheap’, but it is inexpensive and affordable indeed. We at Süle Law Firm have actually decided to follow a different business strategy since 2014 and make low fixed prices available for everyone. Of course, we had to make some sacrifices, we have cut back on our advertising and media costs, we use advertisements now in a very narrow manner. Consequently, we do not usually pay for titles such as Best European IP Law Firm of the Year or Most Recommended Intellectual Property Lawyer, since these are bound to the payment of service fees.

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