Lawyers in Germany – Berlin


Our Berlin team of lawyers helps you in two main areas: we assist companies that want to enter the German market – either by delivering goods, providing services to German consumers or business partners, and do business in Germany. Süle Law Firm provides legal and strategic support with lawyers in Germany to foreign companies and start-ups in Germany. This includes checking websites, contracts and legal statements before you start doing business in Germany.

On the other hand, since the opening of our Berlin branch, 2019, we continue to provide intellectual property services in Germany, primarily in German trademark and design patent law.

A truly European law firm with lawyers in Germany

With our Budapest and Berlin law offices and through a selected network of law firms in Europe we advise our clients in their European and cross-border projects. We offer a client friendly one stop shop approach in our international legal services. We are able to cover many of our practices in the European Union. If you represent a trustable law firm, you are also encouraged to contact us to find eventual ways of cooperation.

Who is Mr. Ákos Süle, LL.M. (Berlin)?

Ákos, has attended the faculty of law in his hometown, Budapest, Hungary. He has later earned a specialized Master’s Degree in intellectual property, data protection and media law at the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. He is a certified IP professional, and a certified data protection officer (DPO). Besides, he has a certificate in arbitration and mediation rules and techniques. He is member of the Budapest and of the Berlin bar associations. He has founded this branch to practice specialized areas of law in his own way: Ákos is an attorney and lawyer in Germany who will stand with you to help your business grow.

Ákos is said to be a highly qualified and versatile lawyer who has gained 15 years of experience as an IP/IT, data protection lawyer. He advises international companies and creative private individuals in intellectual property, data privacy and internet, media and advertising law issues.

Ákos speaks English, German and French besides his native Hungarian.

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Our location in Germany

Our office at Rungestr. 25, 10179 Berlin, Germany is located in “The former cigarette factory Josetti, now Josetti-Höfe, at Rungestraße No. 22-25 in Berlin Mitte, built 1906 to 1907. The vast complex with several inner yards extends up to the river Spree. The four-story facade with three five-story risalits follows the curved run of the street. The complex was used by the cigarette factory up to WWII and later by the GDR computer chip manufacturer Robotron, the State Office for Unsettled Property Questions and (unitl 2006) the “Dokument Cinema”, among others. Apartments, offices and small service enterprises (media, culture, fashion, design, etc.) are now located here. The building complex has been designated a historic landmark. On the left, the corner of Jannowitzcenter can be seen.” (Unmodified citation from Jörg Zägel – CC BY-SA 3.0 from Wikipedia) In the last decade it was fully redeveloped in order to meet modern standards. In the course of the redevelopment works, the total office space in the building was expanded to 14,600 sqm. Besides the German branch of Süle Law Firm, Josetti Höfe´s current tenants are well-known companies from the media and finance sectors. The building is a protected monument.

German lawyers – FAQ

What are the regulations on attorney-client confidentiality in Germany?

The attorney is obliged and entitled to secrecy. This obligation refers to everything that has come to his knowledge in the course of his profession. This does not apply to facts which are obvious or do not require secrecy according to their significance. This shall also apply after termination of the mandate. The duty of confidentiality results in regulations regarding the right to refuse to testify.

What is the imperative of objectivity for German lawyers?

The attorney may not behave in an unobjective manner in the exercise of his profession. Non-objective conduct is in particular conduct which involves the deliberate dissemination of untruths or such disparaging statements to which other parties or the course of the proceedings have given no cause.

How do you solve a conflict of interests?

According to § 3 para. 1 BRAO a lawyer may not act as a lawyer for a party if he has already advised or represented another party in the same case in the conflicting interest or if he has been professionally involved in any other way as defined by §§ 45, 46 BRAO. By virtue of § 3 para. 2 sentence 1 BRAO this prohibition also applies to all lawyers associated with him in the same professional or office community.

How is the client informed?

German lawyers shall be obliged to process the mandate within a reasonable period of time and to inform the client without delay of all events and measures essential for the progress of the case. In particular, the client shall be informed of all essential documents received or sent. Inquiries of the client shall be answered without delay.

What is a pro bono service in Germany?

Lawyers perform such tasks pro bono publico, i.e. for the benefit of the public. For their work, however complex it may have been, the law firm receives no fee.

What is a European Lawyer?

Lawyers from countries that are members of the European Union and Switzerland have the opportunity to work as a European Lawyer according to the EuRAG. They may use this professional title only after receiving the certificate of admission. The established European lawyer is entitled to use the title “Member of the Bar” in professional dealings at the same time. Nevertheless, the designation “European lawyer” may not be used as a professional title or in advertising.